Debt Collection Training

Debt Collection Training

Would you prefer to action the Debt collection Training Seminars and/or products as follows:

Watch a DVD series on the subject of “How to do your own Debt Collection”

Purchase the following:

  • The complete manual on How to do your own debt collection
  • Includes generic forms and advice
  • Debt Collection Letters that are individually tailored to your business
  • Terms and Conditions individually tailored to your business

The Debt Books offers the following debt collection training services.

  • In-House Training – this enables you confidentiality and we train your staff in the comfort of your own business premises.
  • Group Training Seminars – these seminars are conducted in major cities around Australia all year and always sell out.
  • Personal One to One – to ensure that your staff gains maximum results and focuses on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Manuals and Resources – Our comprehensive range of manuals, letters, and agreements can be purchased individually
  • Debt Collection/Credit Management Consultancy – you have limited accounts overdue and you simply want to collect those debts, we can offer you help in that matter.

If this sounds like a bit of you, please register your interest with us.

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